A Guide to RadioFrequencey (RF) Microneedling


RadioFrequency (RF) Microneedling is a revolutionary cosmetic approach that has gained popularity these years for its cue to rejuvenate the skin and address various skin concerns. 

This non-invasive treatment combines the benefits of microneedling with the power of 

radiofrequency technology to deliver remarkable results. In this guide, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of RF Microneedling, explaining what it is, how it works, its benefits, and what to expect during and after the procedure. 

Whether you’re a newbie or considering this treatment, read on to discover the world of RF Microneedling.

What is RF Microneedling?

RF Microneedling, short for RadioFrequency Microneedling, is a cosmetic procedure that combines microneedling and radiofrequency technology to improve the look and texture of the skin. It includes using needles that penetrate the skin’s surface, creating micro-injuries. 

These micro-injuries trigger the body’s natural healing process, promoting collagen and elastin production. Simultaneously, radiofrequency energy goes into the skin, heating the deeper layers and stimulating collagen growth. The combination of microneedling and RF energy results in skin tightening, reduced wrinkles, and improved skin texture.

The Microneedling Process

During an RF Microneedling treatment, a trained practitioner will start by applying a numbing cream to ensure your comfort. Once the numbing cream takes effect, a specialized device with tiny, sterile needles will need to create controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. 

These micro-injuries are nearly invisible to the naked eye but catalyze the skin’s natural repair process.

The Role of Radiofrequency

Simultaneously, the RF device emits radiofrequency energy into the deeper layers of the skin. This energy gently heats the tissue, causing collagen and elastin fibers to contract and tighten. The combination of microneedling and RF energy stimulates collagen production and helps to remodel and rejuvenate the skin from within.

Benefits of RF Microneedling

Skin Rejuvenation

One of the most ideal benefits of RF Microneedling is its ability to heal the skin. As collagen production increases, you’ll notice smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin. Fine lines and wrinkles and your complexion become more radiant.

Scar Reduction

RF Microneedling also effectively reduces the look of scars, including surgical and acne scars. The mix of microneedling and radiofrequency helps promote the growth of healthier skin.

Skin Tightening

If sagging skin concerns you, RF Microneedling can help tighten loose skin, particularly in areas like the face, neck, and décolletage. The treatment stimulates elastin and collagen production, resulting in a more lifted and youthful appearance.

Minimal Downtime

Compared to more invasive procedures, RF Microneedling requires minimal downtime. Most people can return to their regular activities within a few days, making it an ideal concept for those with busy lifestyles.

Long-Lasting Results

The results of RF Microneedling are not only noticeable but also long-lasting. Over time, as collagen builds, you’ll enjoy the benefits of smoother and youthful-looking skin!

What to Expect During an RF Microneedling Treatment


Before undergoing RF Microneedling, you’ll have a consultation with a qualified practitioner. During this consultation, your concerns and targets will be discussed, and a unique treatment plan will be created to address your specific needs.

Treatment Session

On the day of your RF Microneedling session, your skin will be cleansed, and a topical numbing cream will be put in to keep you secure during the procedure. Once the numbing cream takes effect, the RF Microneedling device will create micro-injuries and deliver radiofrequency energy to the target areas.


The duration of an RF Microneedling session can depend on the treatment area and the specific concerns being addressed. Typically, sessions last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Post-Procedure Care

After the procedure, you may feel some redness, swelling, and mild discomfort, similar to a sunburn. These factors usually subside within a few days. Following your practitioner’s post-procedure instructions for proper healing is essential to maximize the results.

Protecting Your Skin

In the days following your RF Microneedling treatment, protecting your skin from the sun and avoiding harsh skincare products is crucial. Your practitioner may recommend specific skincare products to use during the recovery period.

Multiple Sessions

While some individuals may see noticeable improvements after a single session, a series of RF Microneedling sessions is often recommended for optimal results. Your practitioner will tell you to follow the number of treatments for your recommended skin concerns.

Long-Term Maintenance

To maintain the results of RF Microneedling, it’s best to have a proper skincare routine and keep your skin away from sun damage. Periodic maintenance sessions also need to ensure the continued improvement of your skin.

Is RF Microneedling Right for You?

RF Microneedling is ideal for a wide range of skin types and concerns. However, it may not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions or those who are pregnant. To determine if RF Microneedling is right for you, book a consultation with a qualified practitioner who can assess your skin and provide unique recommendations.

What should I do before and after RF Microneedling treatment?

Preparing for RF Microneedling is essential. Prior to your session, heed specialist advice by steering clear of sun exposure and specific skincare products. Post-treatment, maintain a gentle skincare regimen, apply sunscreen, and shield the treated area from direct sunlight for optimal results.

How many RF Microneedling sessions are typically needed for noticeable results?

Again, as we mentioned above, the number of sessions required can vary based on individual skin concerns and goals. However, many people see noticeable improvements after 2-4 sessions spaced several weeks apart. 

Your specialist will assess your skin during the consultation and recommend the ideal number of sessions to achieve your desired results. It’s essential to follow the recommended treatment plan for the best outcome.

What We Say

RF Microneedling is a groundbreaking cosmetic procedure that offers many benefits, from skin rejuvenation and scar reduction to skin tightening and minimal downtime. 

Suppose you want to enhance your skin’s appearance and address specific concerns. In that case, RF Microneedling may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Contact a reputable clinic like Centurion Injects & IV Drips to schedule a consultation and discover how RF Microneedling can help you achieve the skin of your dreams. 

Please book an appointment with us today and embark on your journey to radiant and youthful-looking skin. Your skin deserves the best, and RF Microneedling can deliver exceptional results.

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